Dollano Group SE

The DOLLANO GROUP is an exclusive importer and distributor of a baby diapers, adult diapers and incontinence pads assortment, for the regions of Europe and Russia.

The DOLLANO GROUP has long been cooperating with a partner factory in China, where also the company’s own workers from the Czech Republic are engaged.

The DOLLANO GROUP does business in the Czech Republic, where most of its facilities are. However, our business partners are from various EU countries, Russia, but also from the countries of former Yugoslavia. Because the DOLLANO GROUP has bought the Little Mole - Krtecek brand sublicense, it gives us the right to trade under this brand in the EU countries, Russia, countries of the former Yugoslavia, China.



The DOLLANO GROUP consists of subsidiaries, which are majority owned by DOLLANO GROUP:

  • DOLLANO s.r.o.
  • DOLLANO CZ s.r.o.
  • DOLLANO CARE s.r.o.
Dollano - products

DOLLANO s.r.o. makes business within the EU with a complete assortment including the production of private labels for multinational companies or other chain customers. It also supplies merchandise to retails and wholesales to selected customers. It also deals sales with selected e-shops.

DOLLANO CZ s.r.o. (Ltd) makes business in the Czech Republic with VIP clients.

DOLLANO CARE s.r.o. (Ltd) is a specialised company for medical supplies for incontinence matters. It supplies a portfolio of products primarily to hospitals and pharmacies, but also to medical material shops.

For our clients, the DOLLANO GROUP is a serious business partner, who is capable to react to the customer’s needs very flexibly.

The DOLLANO GROUP occupies itself with producing and supplying baby diapers and incontinence products for hospitals from the beginning of its foundation. The market evolution in this segment and the high quality of our products encouraged us to gradually extend our product portfolio with private labels, upon client’s request, and by doing so, contribute to make the market, and not only in the Czech Republic, of a better quality.

Together with our colleagues, leading experts and most up-to-date production, we ensure the complex service from product package design through production to product supply according to client’s need.

One of the essential steps, besides other things, was to place our employees directly at the production in China, to assure the required quality on exit. This way, we guarantee best quality and deliveries on time to our clients.

Our mission and vision


To help to cure people. To provide availability of the best care possible to all people regardless. This is the DOLLANO


To be a respected and trustworthy supplier in the state-owned and private sector. To become a significant player on the market in the field of medical and hygienical needs. So that the client will gladly and repeatedly approach us to work with us again, due to our top quality product, services and complex and individual approach.


You are safe and dry with us