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DOLLANO GROUP offers baby diapers retail packaging for traders, for its own brand: The Little Mole, as well as for the customer’s private brands. These products are made in China, at the most modern factory for the production of baby diapers and incontinence solving products. The company is above all particular about the quality. We supply our customers with the best goods available in this segment.

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About company

The DOLLANO GROUP is an exclusive importer and distributor of a baby diapers, adult diapers and incontinence pads assortment, for the regions of Europe and Russia.

The DOLLANO GROUP has long been cooperating with a partner factory in China, where also the company’s own workers from the Czech Republic are engaged.

The DOLLANO GROUP does business in the Czech Republic, where most of its facilities are. However, our business partners are from various EU countries, Russia, but also from the countries of former Yugoslavia. Because the DOLLANO GROUP has bought the Little Mole - Krtecek brand sublicense, it gives us the right to trade under this brand in the EU countries, Russia, countries of the former Yugoslavia, China.




Na Dvorcích 1989/14

14000 Praha

Česká Republika

T: +420 777 570 048

IČ: 04107161DIČ: CZ04107161

The company is registeres at the Trade Register at the city court of Prague section C, entry 224656

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